Forest Park Poster

Poster - Forest Park.jpg
Poster - Forest Park.jpg

Forest Park Poster

from 15.00

This poster of a digitally colored graphite drawing features flora and fauna found in Portland’s largest urban park.

Signed Open Edition
18” x 24”
100lb Uncoated Text Weight Paper,
(50% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled)
Digitally Printed

All posters will ship wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, in a sturdy-weight 100% recycled cardboard box. If you would like, you may request that your poster also ship in a plastic sleeve by selecting the option from the drop down menu below. Shipping with a plastic sleeve adds $1.00 to your order.

Cabbage White Butterfly
Calligrapha californica Beetle
Coastal Giant Salamander
Deer Mouse 
Dictyoptera simplicipes Beetle
Douglas Fir 
Douglas Squirrel 
European Honey Bee
False Turkey-tail 
Garden Tiger Moth
Golden Chanterelle 
Golden Jewel Beetle
Goldenrod Crab Spider
Hedgenettle Stink Bug
Hoary Bat 
Hypogymnia imshaugii Lichen
Isabella Tiger Moth
Maidenhair Fern 
Matchstick Lichen
Northwestern Garter Snake
Oregon Grape
Pacific Banana Slug
Pacific Sideband Snail 
Pacific Tree Frog
Pacific Wren 
Promecognathus crassus Beetle
Redwood Sorrel
Rough Skinned Newt
Robust Lancetooth Snail 
Rugose Stag Beetle
Satyr Comma
Scarlet Cup
Stream Violet
Swainson’s Thrush
Sword Fern
Townsend’s Chipmunk
Twenty-spotted Lady beetle
Western Bracken Fern
Western Hemlock
Western Red Cedar 
Western Red-backed Salamander 
Western Tailed Blue
Western Tiger Swallowtail
Wilson’s Warbler 
Yellow-headed Cutworm  
Yellow-spotted Milliped
Zacotus matthewsii Beetle


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