Pet Portraits

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Title Image Webstore Pet Portraits.jpg
$75 Pet Portrait Image.jpg
$150 Pet Portrait Image.jpg
$225 Pet Portrait Image.jpg
Bust Vs Full Body.jpg

Pet Portraits

from 75.00

I am happy to offer custom pet portraits! Please read all of the details below before ordering.

$225 - 5x7” drawing on 8x10” paper
$150 - 4x5" drawing on 7x8" paper

$75 - 3x3" drawing on 6x6" paper
If you would like a commission of a larger size, please use the form on the “Contact” page of this website to receive a quote.

All drawings are fixed to prevent smudging, signed and carefully packaged. Because of the affordable price of these commissions, I will not be reviewing sketches with clients during the drawing process.


-Commissions ship within two weeks
-Commissions are completed in the order that they are received
-International orders arrive 3 - 5 weeks after the ship date, depending on your country’s customs process
-You will receive an order confirmation email and tracking number
-Due to the volume of orders I cannot provide digital previews of commissions


Pet portrait reference photos must be ready when you place your order. If photos are not emailed to me within 48 hours of order placement, you will be charged an additional $20 late photo fee. It is your responsibility to provide photos in a timely fashion; you will not receive reminder emails.
Where & how to send photos:
-Send photos to:
-Subject line: “Pet portrait”
-Please send photos as attachments. Do not embed photos in the body of the email.
What makes a good reference photo:
-In focus
-Good lighting
-Pet looking directly at the camera or with head turned to a 3/4 angle
What makes a bad reference photo: 

-Very dark lighting
-Your pet is moving while the photo was taken so your pet is blurry
-Photos that are taken from above (your pet is on the ground and you are standing over them)
-Pet is hiding under a table or behind a chair 

-Your pet is wearing clothing, large harnesses or hidden under a blanket, unless you would like those elements of the photo to be included
If you have more than one pet:
I can easily fit up to two pets in one drawing. Larger sizes are preferable for two pets. I need at least one photo of the pets together so that I can see how their sizes compare. The rest of the photos can be of the pets individually. I can change their positions relative to each other.

Please see item images to see the difference between a “bust” portrait (chest fur and face) and full body portrait. At checkout, you will have the option of selecting which option you prefer, or leaving it up to me!

Please note that international orders may be subject to duty/customs taxes and/or fees. These laws vary per country and are the buyer's responsibility. Your package ships with the required customs form label required by USPS mail. This has the contents and purchase price of your items on the label.

Pet Portraits are non-refundable. Once you have purchased a Pet Portrait it may not be canceled. Orders that have shipped cannot be returned.

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