I will gradually be adding to this page! 

Can I use your drawing as a tattoo?

It's always flattering when someone would like to put your work on their body forever! Please note, however, that not all of my drawings are available to be used as tattoos. Email me to ask about the availability of specific pieces. I will ask for a small fee for the use of a pre-existing drawing as a tattoo. If you would like a custom tattoo design, please use the form on the "Contact" page to describe what you have in mind and I can send you a quote. The image of a Black Racer snake intertwined with a snake skeleton has already been used as a memorial tattoo and may not be used  again. 

What kinds of pencils
do you use?

I use Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils and Pentel Graphgear mechanical pencils. 

I scan small work at home on my personal scanner. (I would like to upgrade my own scanner so I can't recommend a specific model to you at this time.) I use Pushdot's services in Portland, OR to photograph my large work.  

How do you document/
digitize your work? 

What was that funny eraser tool I saw you using in your IG story?

I use two widths of mechanical eraser! They can be found at most art supply stores or online

I have settled on the paper that I like to use after experimenting on over a dozen different kinds of fine art paper that I picked up at local art supply stores around the country. Because everyone works differently, the paper that I use for my practice might not be a good fit for your work. I encourage you to experiment! Please don't ask what brand I use; a magician gets to keep at least some of their secrets! ;) 

What kind of paper
do you use?